6 things that will be obsolete in classrooms in the not-too distant future

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    Don’t expect to see these things around for much longer!


    1. Keyboards

    captain's log

    It’s ana-log, geddit?

    What? No more keyboards? Voice recognition is getting to the point where you may no longer have to point your digits at little buttons in order - all you will have to do is talk to your computer, Star Trek style!



    2. Textbooks

    textbook pulp

    Pictured: The contents of a middle-schooler’s bag

    Credit: ucl.ac.uk

    Why are we still making textbooks that are generally out of date within a few years? Yes, there is something lovely in the tactile nature of textbooks, but that’s small comfort when you have to lug them around in your bag all day. Now, there is this thing called the internet which, we’ve been told, has all sorts of useful information.



    3. Wi-Fi

    water fountain

    Credit: iFunny

    According to PVSchools’ Director of IT, Jeff Billings, local Wi-Fi will soon be a thing of the past. Why?

    Global Wi-Fi! Wifi will be available wherever you go - you won’t need to have a local hotspot.

    Also on the horizon is Li-Fi, a new light based wireless technology, similar to WiFi, but 100 times faster! Pew pew!



    4. Field trips

    Google field trips at PVSchools

    Credit: AZGovEducation, Twitter

    It’s an idea that’s been floating around for a while - replacing field trips with virtual reality. But if you saw this (somewhat creepy) picture on the internet this week, you will know that the virtual reality … er, dream … is one step closer to reality.

    Sorry about that sentence.

    Could it happen? Google has already rolled out virtual field trips to schools, including here at PVSchools (above), so it’s a possibility, but VR will never fully replace the time, cost and snake bites of a true field trip adventure.



    5. Chairs

    old school desk - pvschools

    Credit: Grover Museum

    Sitting has been linked to a host of chronic diseases and it’s a little too easy to become disengaged with learning when you’re slouching in your seat.

    So, what will replace the humble chair? Stand up tables are one option, and if you follow our social media accounts, you will know that in one PVSchools classroom, chairs were replaced with yoga balls, promoting a more engaged and active classroom. Surely a good thing, no?



    6. The School Day

    school clock

    Who came up with the idea that you had to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 12–13 years of your life? These guys, that's who. But is that really the best use of everyone’s time?


    With the proliferation online education (including right here at PV), students are able to study when it suits them. Not a morning person? Fine, do your work in the afternoon. Have a job during the week? Hello weekend study sessions!

    Online learning allows students to take subjects whenever or wherever they can, freeing-up a lot more time for raiding the fridge.



    Teachers in the classroom will never be obsolete. Find out how PVSchools provides professional development for teachers, so they are prepared for the classroom of tomorrow.


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