Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Drop-Off Procedure

    8:25am - 8:45am

    1st - 6th Grades

    • Students may be dropped off between 8:25 and 8:40am. For the safety of the students adults are not to enter the field.
    • Students are to be dropped off in the "Morning Drop-Off Lane" along 75th Street. There is a gate through which students may enter the field.
    • Please do not park along the curb or in the neighborhood, as this congests traffic and creates safety hazards.
    • Left turns/u-turns can be made when leaving the drop-off lane.  Please use caution and be respectful of our neighbors by keeping your vehicle on the roadway.


    • Kindergarten students and siblings are to be dropped off in front of the kindergarten playground.
    • Kindergarteners enter through the kindergarten gate and siblings should walk along the front of the school to the big field.


  • Pick-up Procedure


    Car Rider Students

    • All students will be picked up as shown on the pick-up map. Be sure you have placed your family's last name on the provided card in large clear print. Place it in the front passenger window or on your car's visor.
    • Students are not to be picked up by vehicles in front of the school.

    Walking Students

    • All students who are walking will exit the south end of the building and follow the sidewalk along the side of the building to the flagpole area.
    • Students will not be allowed to exit through the office area.
    • Please wait to meet your student at the flagpole area.
    • Students need to use sidewalks when walking home from school. Do not cross the parking lot areas. Students should only cross the street in designated crossing zones.
  • Pick-up Procedure (continued)


    Bus Riders and Van Transports

    • The main parking lot is reserved for kindergarten and sibling pick-up from 2:50-3:25pm. If you do not exit this lot before 2:30pm there is a very good chance you will not be able to leave until after 3:25pm.
    • Transportation vans will use the Staff Parking Lot.

    Bus Riders

    • Students will be picked up by the buses in the Morning Drop-Off Lane.  They cross the playground and are put on the buses by staff members.


    • You may drop your child off before 8:25am in the morning for Mascot or Breakfast using the afternoon pick-up lane.  Parking spaces can be used if needed.
    • If you arrive at school after 8:25am please drop student off in the Morning Drop-off Lane.