School Council

  • Motto

    School Council is to support the school's vision and mission through the evaluation of programs and providing feedback from all members of the community in the following areas:
    • Advise the principal
    • Evaluate programs/services/expectations (i.e. bullying, citizenship, dress code, etc.)
    • Provide feedback from community
    • Enhance parent/educator relations (Review parent/student handbook)
    • Conduct Annual Family Survey
    • Facilitate the development of New School Action Plan
    • Recommend tax credit expenditures
    • Consider and evaluate new initiatives or programs



    Agendas, minutes, and other school related publications.     

    Meeting Dates for the 2018-2019 school year will be held on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 4:00pm:  
    September 11
    October 9
    November 13
    December 11
    January 8
    February 12 
    March 12
    April 9
    May 14