Dr. Troy Bales

  • Troy Bales, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources at PVSchools

    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is responsible for the following areas at PVSchools.


    • Develop student teacher partnerships with colleges and universities
    • Attend recruitment fairs / Conduct strategic recruitment via the internet
    • Facilitate Alternative Pathways for Certification for all teachers
    • Work with Communications to advertise positions
    • Work with the universities and colleges to encourage students to enter both classified and certified areas for employment
    • Determine placement on the salary scale for new employees
    • Plan and implement new employee orientations for all new teachers and visiting teachers
    • Analyze hiring effectiveness through data analysis and audit processes


    • Monitor and track all certified and classified evaluations
    • Chair the evaluation committee and annually review and modify the evaluations for certified staff
    • Monitor all Performance Improvement Plans for certified employees
    • Facilitate inter rater reliability training for administrators


    • Organize, facilitate and/or monitor bargaining sessions with each employee group regarding compensation and working conditions
    • Oversee and update the bargaining agreements with each group
    • Communicate compensation package, salary schedule and benefits to stakeholders


    • Allocate staffing based on student count and staffing ratio
    • Track staffing patterns and adjust as necessary
    • Monitor the transfer process


    • Supervise posting of positions, applications and recommendations for hire for all vacancies
    • Supervise implementation of background checks and fingerprints for all employees
    • Monitor certification requirements resulting from ESSA and other state rules


    • Facilitate open enrollment sessions for all employees when necessary
    • Monitor implementation of all insurance policies, including life, health, dental, workers compensation and disability


    • Monitor regular and early retirement programs
    • Inform employees of retirement options and requirements


    • Dismissals/Investigations/Non-renewals
    • Conduct and/or supervise all investigations
    • Monitor and track disciplinary action at the sites and departments
    • Train supervisors in disciplinary steps and legal issues
    • relating to employee discipline

    Visiting Teachers

    • Supervise the hiring and deployment of substitutes

    Special Assignment

    • Act as the Compliance Officer for the district Equal Employment Opportunity