Passing Periods

  • Passing Periods for ALL schedules EXCEPT finals is 5 minutes.  Please use this time wisely.  Refer to the Attendance Page for additional details about tardies.
    Passing Periods for Final Exam schedules is 10 minutes, with a special "sprint" bell of one minute to get to class.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students

  • Students who have chosen a Late Arrival or Early Dismissal scheduling option are NOT allowed on our school grounds when NOT scheduled for on campus classes.
    For example, if you have chosen Fourth Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Fourth Hour.  If you chose Sixth Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Sixth Hour. This is true even if you participate in extracurricular activities or Early College. The student in question would simply need to return after school is out in order to participate in his/her activity. Again, students who have chosen Early Dismissal must leave school grounds after completing their last class.

Traffic and drop off points

  • Note: Student drop off is in the front parking lot, off of Union Hills.  It is highly recommended that students arrive on campus no later than 7:15 am in order to be on time to first hour.  Be aware that traffic on Union Hills Road and in our front parking lot is substantial in the mornings, especially after 7:15 am, so please plan accordingly.

Community Information

  • North Canyon High School is a member of the larger community and would like to be a responsible neighbor, as well as keeping our students safe and on time to class.
    Please take a minute to review the following and help us by abiding by the requests of the residents of the complex at 17th street and Union Hills and other neighborhoods close to the school:
    The entrance to the condominiums is not a drop off area or pickup area.
    Students are considered to be trespassing if they are on the condominium property. This is private property.
    Littering, smoking, or loitering on this property will not be tolerated.
    19th Place (behind the auditorium) is not a drop off or pickup area.  It is not safe for vehicles to stop in that area before and after school.