Attendance Policies

  • At North Canyon High School we strongly believe, and research supports this, that regular attendance is essential for student success.

    Our school district's motto is "Every Day Counts". This motto is an extension of the governing board's belief that the attainment of academic excellence requires attending school on a regular basis. The benefit of lectures, discussion and participation is lost forever to those who are absent.

    A student's attendance record is a shared responsibility between the student, his/her parents and/or guardians, and school personnel. Parents should only excuse students for valid reasons and monitor their student's attendance record via Infinite Campus. Please contact either the Dean of Students, Mr. Kluch, or a student's individual teachers with any concerns you might have.


    NCHS Attendance Procedures

    For complete guidelines, please reference the Parent/Student Handbook.



    Excused Absences

    State of Arizona statutes allow students to miss only ten percent of instructional time and still earn credit in a course. In a ninety day semester, this amounts to nine school days. Students with extenuating circumstances should consult with the Dean of Students and/or their Guidance Counselor.

    The Attendance Office receives calls from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm. After 3:30 pm, calls are taken by voicemail until 7:00 am. Parents and/or legal guardians have twenty-four hours in which to excuse a student’s absence. After that time period, the absence will be recorded as unexcused. Notes from parents are NOT accepted at the high school level. Calls left in Spanish will be translated.


    Unexcused Absences

    Any absence that is not excused by a parent/legal guardian or a school official by 8:00 am the following morning will be considered unexcused or truant and subject to consequences. Per Arizona State Statutes, our attendance clerks have been instructed to not make any changes to a student's attendance records after the twenty-four (24) hour grace period has expired. Students under sixteen years of age that are truant are violating Arizona statute 15-803 and can be cited to the courts. Students who are truant will be assigned consequences as deemed appropriate by administration. The consequences for truancy can be found in the parent/student handbook. Additionally, students who are marked truant will not be allowed to make up any work missed during the absence.


    Progressive Interventions for Attendance Issues

    The information below is for unexcused absences for individual class periods.


    1-2 unexcused absences

    Dialer will call home to notify parent/guardian of unexcused absence.


    3-4 unexcused absences

    • Dean of Students will conference with student and will contact parent/guardian about the conference.
    • Attendance Clerk will send 1st warning letter.
    • Student assigned to after school Academic Support after school (1 Session for each absence)


    5-6 unexcused absences

    • Dean will conference with with student and parent/guardian.
    • An Attendance Contract will be established at the meeting.
    • Attendance Clerk will send 2nd warning letter.
    • Student assigned to after school Academic Support after school (1 Session for each absence)
    • If student is under 16, a CUTS citation will be issued.


    7-8 unexcused absences

    • Class will be closed for the student.
    • Dean will conference with student about violation of Attendance Contract.
    • Dean will conference with parent/guardian explaining student's violation of their Attendance Contract.
    • Loss of Credit warning letter (3rd) will be sent home.
    • Student assigned to after school Academic Support after school (1 Session for each absence)


    9 unexcused absences

    • Dean will conduct a Loss of Credit meeting with student and parent/guardian.
    • If student is under 16, a CUTS hearing with Dean, CUTS Officer, student and parent/guardian will take place.


    10+ unexcused absences

    • Dean calls home or sends letter for each absence.
    • Dean will explore other educational alternatives.


    Attendance Appeals Meeting (at end of semester)

    • Dean will schedule an appeals meeting with student, parent/guardian and appeals committee.
    • Dean will mail confirmation letter home.


    A tardy shall be defined as a student who is not in their designated class when the tardy bell rings. This policy is designed to encourage students to be on time for every class period. However, we realize that certain circumstances beyond our control may prevent a student from arriving on time. To that end, every student will be allowed two free tardies per semester. Tardies cannot be excused by parents/legal guardians except for the following reasons: doctor’s appointment, dental appointment, legal appointment/subpoena, or religious observance.


    Tardies to 1st through 4th Period

    Students who are late to first through fourth periods will be required to stop at the attendance office to check in. The attendance office will issue the student a tardy pass to class. Only students with a tardy pass from the attendance office will be admitted to class late. If the student has been late three or more times a lunch detention will be issued when they get the pass.


    Tardies to sixth hour (after lunch) and seventh hour

    Students who are late to sixth or seventh hour will to report to the attendance office to be given a tardy pass and an after school detention (to be served the next school day). Students will then report to their sixth or seventh hour class. Only students with a tardy pass from the attendance office will be permitted to enter class late.


    Accumulation of Tardies

    If a student accumulates 4 tardies in a class period, those four tardies will count as one unexcused absence


    Excessive Tardies

    For excessive tardies six through nine, students will be issued an after school detention to be served the following school day. For excessive tardies ten or more, students will be issued an In-School Suspension on the day of the tardy. Consequences will start when a student’s total has exceeded two tardies in a semester.

    To facilitate students being on time to class, the NCHS administration, in cooperation with our security staff, will conduct random sweeps of the hallways. After the bell has rung, any students still in the hallways will be asked to report to the attendance office where they will be issued a detention and then they will be sent to class. Only students with a tardy pass from the attendance office will be permitted to enter class late.

Attendance Contact Info

Attendance Line

  • (602) 449-5001
    (English & Spanish)

Traffic and drop off points

  • Note: Student drop off is in the front parking lot, off of Union Hills. It is highly recommended that students arrive on campus no later than 7:15 am in order to be on time to first hour. Be aware that traffic on Union Hills Road and in our front parking lot is substantial in the mornings, especially after 7:15 am, so please plan accordingly.

Attendance Terms

  • Absence

    A student is marked absent if they are not in their assigned class during the designated period within ten minutes of the tardy bell.


    Excused Absence

    An absence that is excused by a phone call from a parent/guardian by 7:00 am the following morning. Student absences will also be excused for extracurricular activities coordinated by an NCHS staff member.


    Is defined as any absence that is not excused by a parent/legal guardian by 7:00 am on the morning following the absence. In Infinite Campus, a truancy is indicated by the letter "U". The following are also considered truancies and subject to disciplinary action: 
    (a) Any absence without the prior knowledge and consent of the parent/guardian.
    (b) Any absence in which a student fails to check out through the Attendance Office or the Health Center prior to leaving school.
    (c) Leaving the classroom without the teacher's permission.
    (d) Forged or unauthorized parent/guardian phone calls.
    (e) Students who arrive to class after 10 minutes into the period without a pass from an NCHS staff member.


    A student who arrives to class after the tardy bell. Students will be marked tardy up until 10 minutes after the tardy bell. Students who arrive 11 minutes or more into the class period without a pass will be marked absent. In Infinite Campus, a tardy is indicated by the letter "T".

    Excessive Absences

    A student who is absent, excused or unexcused, more than 9 times in a semester. Students with excessive truancies are subject to disciplinary action. Students with excessive absences may be placed on an attendance contract, lose credit in classes, and will need to provide medical or court documentation to excuse further absences. 

    Chronic Illness

    Frequent absences that result from a medically certified recurring health condition which may permit the student to receive modified instructional services and exempts the student from the 9-day excessive absence provisions. The processing of a chronic illness status is coordinated by the nurse. Please contact the nurse at 602-449-5003.

    Permit to Leave

    Students leaving campus during the school day must have their parent/legal guardian’s permission and must check out through the front office. Students who check in with the attendance office will be issued a permit to leave campus. Failure to get a permit to leave will result in the absence being marked unexcused. Per our school district policy, parents/legal guardians are required to show picture identification before being allowed to remove a student from campus.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students

  • Students who have chosen a Late Arrival or Early Dismissal scheduling option are NOT allowed on our school grounds when NOT scheduled for on campus classes.
    For example, if you have chosen Fourth Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Fourth Hour.  If you chose Sixth Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Sixth Hour. This is true even if you participate in extracurricular activities or Early College. The student in question would simply need to return after school is out in order to participate in his/her activity. Again, students who have chosen Early Dismissal must leave school grounds after completing their last class.