School Council

  • Larkspur Elementary School Council

    Larkspur Elementary School's School Council is made up of certified staff, classified staff, parent members and community members.

    Mission Statement:

    Consistent with A.R.S. Section 15-351 and Paradise Valley School District Governing Board Policy, the Larkspur School Council is duly established for the purpose of providing counsel to the school principal on all issues related to curriculum development and improvement.

    The mission of Larkspur Elementary is to develop, through a collaborative effort of all involved, lessons and activities that will work to maximize each student's potential to become a positive contributing member of society.

    2018-2019 Members:

    Mrs. Jamie Roberson, Principal

    Mrs. Denise Piccirillo, Teacher

    Mrs. Michelle Perryman, Teacher

    Mr. Jeff Fencl, Parent

    Mrs. Michelle Fencl, Parent

    Mrs. Hillary King, Support Staff

    Mrs. Gail Fanning, Support Staff

    Meeting Dates: (3:00 p.m.)

    Aug 28                     Sept 11

    Sept 25                    Feb 26

    Oct 30                      March 26

    Nov 27                     April 30

    Dec 18                     May 21