• FAQs

    Is there a fee or tuition cost for participating in PVOnline?

    There are no costs for up to six courses that occur during the fall or spring semesters. There is a fee associated with taking a seventh course for freshmen and sophomores.

    Are PVOnline students required to take the AzMerit test?

    You must take the AzMerit, and all other necessary assessments, as required by the state.

    What are the expectations of PVOnline students?

    Read the expectations, guidelines, and policies in the PVOnline Handbook.

    What does it mean to, "work at my own pace?"

    • While students are able to work at their own pace, it does not mean that they do not actively participate in the class each week. Students are expected to submit assignments each week.
    • PVOnline students are expected to log into PVOnline daily to ensure successful and timely completion of the course.
    • PVOnline courses are designed to be completed within one semester (18 weeks). Students are encouraged to set a schedule at the beginning of the course to ensure that they are working at an appropriate rate to complete the course on time.
    • Off-campus students not making adequate progress may be required to return to a campus until they are showing evidence of passing.

    Do I have to take final exams?

    Before taking the final exam, you must complete all your coursework. Once your coursework is completed, you must take final exams or complete a final project at the end of the semester. You will take your final exam in person. Final exams will be proctored.

    What are the attendance requirements?

    Off-campus students must record the time spent on coursework on an online form. The form is available each time you log-in to your course(s).

    How do I communicate with my teacher?

       PVSchools email is the primary tool used to communicate with your teacher, however, you can also communicate with your teacher through Google chat, video, or in person.

    What if I don't complete my course by the end of the semester?

    Students are expected to complete courses by the end of each semester. This keeps students on track with the number of required graduation credits. If you do not complete the course, there may be an opportunity to complete it the following semester or complete the credits during Summer School, if the course is offered. The Summer School option requires additional registration.

    Are PVOnline credits accepted by the military and the NCAA?

    Military and NCAA candidates are encouraged to verify that online credits are accepted before you enroll in PVOnline.

    Do I need a textbook for my PVOnline classes?

    Most PVOnline courses are designed to be conducted entirely over the Internet. If textbooks are needed, they can usually be found at your home school media center or bookstore. Some additional books may be required in Language Arts courses, and you can typically get them at the public or school library, or through book archival websites such as Project Gutenberg. Your instructor will tell you when you will need outside materials.

    How many hours should I work in PVOnline? Can I work weekends?

    You should plan to work at least one hour per day for each class you take online. You may work on weekends or nights, if you wish. Working at your convenience is one of the benefits of online classes. Students are expected to work each day in their courses.

    If I finish my work early, can I take the final early?

    Yes. Contact your teacher for instructions.<

    Will there be times when I cannot access my course?

    Unless there is an emergency, we will only conduct maintenance between midnight and 4 a.m.