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    Show your PRIDE! It is important that you Respect yourself, your friends, and your teachers by showing up for school on time, every day! Tardies and absences prevent you from Excelling in school because you miss instructional time in class, as well as social opportunities with your friends! The following information provides clarification regarding PVHS attendance terms, policies and consequences.


    A student arriving late to class (15 minutes or fewer) is considered tardy. Tardies can only be excused with a medical, dental, or legal note. We also understand that extenuating circumstances (traffic, car problems, etc.) may result in students being tardy/late to 1st block.

    Students will be allowed 4 tardies (1st block only) per semester before receiving detention.


    A student who arrives late to class (more than 15 min.) or a student who does not attend class is considered absent, or truant.

    Absences can be excused with a medical, dental, or legal note or with a phone call from your parent/guardian.

    Attendance Line

    (602) 449-7001

    Parents/guardians must report all absences within 24 hours.

    Attendance Violations and Consequences

    Unexcused Tardy/Late (Block 1)

    Offenses #1-4 (Block 1 only): Student reports to the Attendance Office. Student receives a pass to class and a warning.

    Unexcused Tardy/Late

    Offense #5 and higher (Block 1) / All Offenses (Blocks 2-5): Student reports to the Attendance Office. Student receives a pass to class and consequence: After-School Detention (ASD).

    Unexcused Absence

    Truancy: Automated phone call is placed to home/parents. Consequence = after-school detention and/or suspension.

    Closed Campus

    Students cannot leave campus during the school day without permission.


    For the safety and security of our students, we ask all visitors to sign in at the front office when they arrive on campus. All guest speakers and classroom presenters need to be pre-approved by administration.

    See the Regular Bell Schedule at PV High