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  • We have enjoyed an excellent beginning to the school year.  We are excited to have all staff positions filled to begin the school year, but also staffed with a team of committed, excellent educators.  It was once again a gratifying experience for me to have parents approach me at Open House and pay compliments with respect to the quality of our staff. 

     Beginning Tuesday (8/29), we will once again start SAT (Student Assistance Time) at Sunrise.  We have utilized this program the last three years with great success.  To the point, we shorten the bell schedule on Tuesday and Thursday thereby leaving 30 minutes at the end of the day for students to retake a quiz or test, complete homework and/or receive additional instruction in a particular subject.  We encourage your student to take advantage of this time as it also frees him/her up for additional family activity time in the evening.

     Finally, I am pleased to inform you of some improvement projects Sunrise had completed this summer.  We have a completely refurbished culinary arts room with all new cabinetry and appliances.  In addition, we had major renovations to our athletic locker rooms as well as new cabinetry in many classrooms.  Thank you for your continued support for all school improvement projects in PVUSD!

     We update our school calendar almost every day so you can stay current on all Sunrise and district events.  Make it a great month!

    Greg Martin


    Sunrise Middle School

    Paradise Valley Unified School District

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