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PV Schools welcomes and values volunteers. Individuals, groups and area businesses all play an important role in supporting our school communities. If you are interested in making a contribution, we can find a role that fits your time and talents. Download the Volunteer Handbook from this page. When you are ready to get started, contact any of our schools directly.

If you wish to volunteer at the district-level rather than at a school contact the Human Resources Department at 602-449-2177.

Volunteer in Paradise Program

The Volunteer in Paradise (VIP) program will begin in the 2013-14 school year. This unique program matches community volunteers -- those who do not have a child in one of our schools -- with a participating VIP schools. If you are not a community member at large, but the the parent, stepparent, legal guardian or grandparent of a student at the school in which you wish to volunteer, please contact the school or teacher directly.

The VIP program connects dedicated, high quality volunteers with meaningful opportunities that will make a difference. Training and support are provided. Volunteer tutors are needed in all subject areas in kindergarten through grade 6. Get more information at pvschools.net/VIP.

Volunteer Handbooks

These handbooks cover information needed by volunteers who are located at the school their child attends. Applications to become a volunteer are included in the handbook. VIP community volunteers should visit the VIP webpage for the VIP program handbook and application information.

arrow Volunteer Handbook      arrow en Español (Manual para voluntarios)

School chaperones

For the safety of students chaperones are required to be fingerprinted and must agree to a background check. The process: the school will submit chaperone-completed paperwork to the Human Resources Department. Once the school has submitted the paperwork, the assigned HR technician will e-mail a list of available times to the chaperone. The chaperone will be fingerprinted at the district administrative offices. The process takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The chaperone must complete and sign authorization for the district to run a background check; complete and sign the fingerprint card, and present photo ID at the time of the fingerprinting.


















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