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Free online tutoring and homework help for K-12 students

Peer tutoring online
PV Schools offers peer-to-peer tutoring online. High school members of the National Honor Society are available to help K-12 students anywhere in the district through use of WebEx technology.

How it works
Students who sign on are greeted by a certified teacher who learns the student's needs and places the student in a virtual room with a peer tutor. The student and tutor communicate using screen sharing, audio-visual connections and other tools such as a virtual whiteboard. For details watch this video.

How to get started

  1. Log on to pvschools.webex.com between 4 and 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday
  2. Join the “Online Tutoring” session
  3. Enter your first name, your email (optional) and the password “ipad"

The first time you log on with your computer, a Java file will be downloaded and installed. You must accept this download the first time.

For problems or concerns, call 602-449-2450 and ask for help with the online peer tutoring program. Also check your school website for additional tutoring resources at your school.



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