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   Superintendent Dr. James P. Lee

A message to parents

Thank you for your interest in the Paradise Valley Unified School District. I am very proud of our district and our collaborative approach to working with parents, teachers, support employees, administrators and community members for the success of our students.

PV Schools students continually score at or above state and national norms on standardized achievement tests. Our faculty, staff and administrators are recognized regularly both statewide and nationally for contributions to, and achievements in, education.

I invite you to visit any of our schools and discover for yourself why PV is a great choice for your student.

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The Superintendent's Office is responsible for the governing board meeting process, media relations, public records requests and district-wide communications. For help addressing specific needs and concerns about your student, contact your student's teacher or principal.

Terri Calascibetta, executive assistant to the superintendent

Debbie Theiss, office assistant





Jim Lee was named superintendent in 2009.

Dr. Lee's educational philosophy supports high standards for student achievement with an emphasis on 21st century skills: creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. He has more than 30 years experience as teacher, principal, director of student services and assistant superintendent.




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