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 APS solar incentives provide significant savings at no cost

The PV Schools solar project provides significant savings in utility fees at no cost to the district.
Under an agreement approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, APS and the city of Phoenix, the school district will receive guaranteed electric rates for the next 20 years.

The installation is performed – at no cost to the school district– by Green Choice, because they receive APS incentives to install and maintain the system and are permitted to sell any extra power generated by the solar panels. The district agrees to purchase power generated by installed solar panels from these companies for the next 20 years at a discounted rate.

Solar panels have been, or will be, installed at a number of district schools and administrative facilities.
At some sites, the panels can be attached to rooftops. At other sites, including the adminstrative offices at 32nd Street and Greenway, and at some schools, the design of the buildings does not permit roof installation. In those cases, freestanding support structures in parking areas or courtyards will hold the solar panels. Additional shade is a bonus in these locations.

The money we will save in utility costs over the next 20 years will directly benefit classroom instruction and our 33,000 students.

View story from Channel 15:


To learn more about the Arizona Corporation Commission's solar programs, watch this episode of the Channel 8 Horizon program.

 arrow www.azpbs.org/horizon/play.php?vidId=2173


solar parking structure

Support structures hold solar panels at district facilities where building configurations do not permit roof installation

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