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Roadrunner School is a K-12 facility for students with severe emotional disabilities. The staff is dedicated to the academic, emotional and social enrichment of our students. We are committed to providing individually designed programs with quality instruction and a focus on social skills. Through social skills instruction, it is our goal is to empower students to achieve their personal objectives. Their positive choices will result in enhanced self-esteem and realistic goal setting in preparation for returning to a less restrictive environment.

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Principal's message

Ms. Zipprich

Dear Roadrunner School Community,

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of the first quarter. It has been a very busy start to the year. Our students are doing well and adapting to their new classrooms, schedules, and grade level expectations. As I walk through classrooms, I see students hard at work and engaged in their learning. They are busy learning both social and academic skills and making excellent progress.

Our students have already had the opportunity to participate in several exciting field trips, including the annual trip to Horizon High School to see “Broadway Under the Stars”. Twelve progress level students were able to attend the field trip and all had a great time! I heard a lot of positive feedback from the staff on the exceptional behavior of our students. We also had our first Family Fun Night, which was a well-attended “Bingo Night”. Our students had the opportunity to practice using many of the social skills they learn in the classroom in a real-life setting. I saw students taking turns, helping others, and politely requesting snacks. It was an enjoyable evening for all, and of course there were fabulous prizes.

Our teachers and staff have all been just as busy as our students. In addition to their regular teaching responsibilities, our teachers meet in their monthly PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) to review data and make decisions to improve behavior and increase student achievement. They are also involved in planning and implementing many special programs. The elementary school is participating in an interactive science unit, called, “The Ice Cream Factory” through which their students will learn about the journey of ice cream, from the farm to the factory. This is done through real-time broadcasts, video, and science experiments relating to the topic. Upper elementary & middle school students also have the opportunity to enrich their scientific understanding through the use of a website called Sally Ride Science. This site allows teachers and students access to books, activities and videos on scientific careers and concepts. Both Middle School and High School students are also involved in a special program called “Teach 1 to Lead 1”. This program utilizes mentors to work with our students, and addresses concepts such as respect, integrity, self-control, and teamwork, through small group activities and discussion. Our students are responding positively to all of these extra programs. Hats off to our staff for their willingness to take advantage of these opportunities!

Enjoy the wonderful fall weather! As always, please call if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Susan Zipprich, Principal
Roadrunner School

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