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What is pvLearners?

pvLearners.net is an internet domain registered under PV Schools that enables all employees and students to have Google accounts for e-mail, calendars, shared docs / spreadsheets / presentations, gadgets, blogs, wikis, groups, RSS feeds and Web pages. These accounts are full, internet, resource and tool enabled. Students and teachers have the capability to collaborate and share information via the Internet.

How it Benefits Learning and Teaching

pvLearners helps to prepare students for their future by practicing and exploring useful, appropriate and educational aspects of the Internet. By utilizing the tools available in pvLearners, teachers can incorporate technology standards into their teaching practice. Use of these tools help support current university, workplace and educational “best” practices in which the Internet is the main source of communication and collaboration.

What are the risks?

Because these accounts are Internet-based resources, it is important for adults to monitor and enforce appropriate behaviors. Concepts such as identity theft, scams, spam, cyberpals, cyber bullying, ethics, disclosing personal information, digital stranger danger and advertising, are important 21st Century behaviors that must be discussed, understood and practiced by all users. By providing experiences at school and partnering with parent support, it is our hope that students will become robust and intelligent users of this unique work space.

What are students saying about pvLearners?

The students who already have their pvLearners accounts activated have identified many ways that their lives are easier. As long as a student can access the Internet, they can create documents and presentations. Using their account virtually eliminates the need for compatible software or jump drives as everyone creates and stores their work within the account. Students can work on team projects through on-line collaboration and don’t need to meet to work on assignments. An additional benefit is the provision of a pvLearners.net e-mail address. Students can send out e-mails to teachers, prospective employers and universities using a professional e-mail address.

What are teachers saying about pvLearners?

The teachers who are using the accounts, find e-mailing homework and assignments to be an efficient way to post hand-outs and clarify instruction. By incorporating technology into their lessons, there is an increased engagement from the learner.

What if I don’t have computer / Internet access at home?

The media center has computers available for student use before school, after school and during lunch. Th e-tools available within the account put all classmates on an equal playing field with regards to presentation and document software.

How can my student get an account?

Many teachers are registering their students in class. To register, all students must know their username and their external password, which is available from the school, or parents can find the student's usernamd and password in the parents' portal of Infinite Campus.

Please contact your school for more information.



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