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School Information

3950 E. Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032

602-449-7000 Main Office
602-449-7005 Fax

Attendance line:

Fall / Winter / Spring Office Hours:
7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Block Schedule:
Block 1: 7:30 a.m.-8:56 a.m.
Block 2: 9:02 a.m.-10:34 a.m.
Block 3: 10:40 a.m.-12:06 p.m.
Block 4: 11:12 a.m.-12:38 p.m.
Block 5: 12:44 p.m.-2:10 p.m.

>A/B Schedule 2013-14


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To leave a voicemail
First, dial 602-449-7779
Then, enter the staff member's extension followed by the pound(#) sign.

To see a complete phone list of all PVHS Staff please click here.
To see a complete list of CTE staff phone numbers please click here.

To E-mail teacher click on Teachers Name below
> Download or View Directory/Phone List of all PVHS Staff

Teacher Extension Subject


Alamprese, Scott 37011 Automotives/CTE CTE Website
Anderson, David 37061 Mathematics Visit Site
Anderson, Sarah 37063 Social Studies Visit Site
Ankrapp, Max 37073 Social Studies Visit Site
Araza, Cori 97010 CTE GenYES/Media Center Visit Site
Arbizo, Katie 97053 World Language Visit Site
August, Mark 37041 P.E./Driver's Ed Site coming soon
Baksh, Kormen 47021 PV Online Visit Site
Beisser, William 37015 Fine Arts/Ceramics Site coming soon
Berndt, Andrea 37087 English Visit Site
Bernier, Andrew 47064 CREST/
Visit Site
Bowers, Bryan 47024 CREST Visit Site
Bowman, Brett 37059 Mathematics Visit Site
Butler, Friederike 37082 English/German Visit Site
Chew, Wyck 37066 Social Studies Visit Site
Chilman, Murilou 37029 Orchestra Visit Site
Coursey, Laura 97047 English Visit Site
Cruse, Jodi 37096 Art/Fine Arts Visit Site
Culp, Bonnie 37037 Mathematics Visit Site
DeBlassie, Staci 47050 Science Visit Site
Desrochers, Ryan 97090 Special Ed Visit Site
Dugan, Josh 37070 Social Studies Visit Site
Duncan, Tamra 550/97039
Choir/Fine Arts Visit Site
Edelson, Herman 37054 Special Ed Site coming soon

Fisher, Stephany
37046 Special Ed Site coming soon

Foster, David
37060 Social Studies Visit Site
Foster, Michelle 37034 Mathematics Visit Site
Gallenbeck, Kathy 37078 English Visit Site
Gamboa, Mary 47027 Dance/Fine Arts Visit Site
Gibson, Carol 37048 English Visit Site
Ginsberg, Marc 37058 Mathematics Visit Site
Gladden, Elizabeth TBA English Visit Site
Gordon, Cody 47003 Science Visit Site
Gutierrez, Diana 37099 World Language Visit Site
Hanson, Kathy 97092 FACS Visit Site
Hardie, Mary 37054 Special Ed Site coming soon
Hardie, Pattie 37054 Special Ed Site coming soon
Howardell, Phillip 47065 CREST/Engineering Visit Site
Isovitz, Cynthia 37054 Special Ed Visit Site
Johnson, Scott 119 English Site coming soon
Johnson, Craig 37024 Graphic Design/
Site coming soon
Kabrich, Robert 101/37032
Math/Robotics Visit Site
Kautenburger, Kasey 37069 CTE/Computer Technology Visit Site
Keck, Heather 97071 FACS Visit Site
Klingler, Jean 37079 English Visit Site
Landkamer, Kami 47086 Drama/Fine Arts Site coming soon
Landry, Marni 47063 CREST/Biotechnology Visit Site
Latzo, Allison 37038 Health Care/CTE-HOSA Visit Site
Leighty, Melyssa 37089 World Language Visit Site
Lesinski, Brian 37008/97029 CTE/Forensics Visit Site
Libretti, Jim 37040 Mathematics Visit Site
Lincoln, Michael 37033 Mathematics Visit Site
Lindmark, Patrick 37071 Social Studies Visit Site
Lopez, Carlos/ West-MEC 37017 Automotive/CTE Visit Site
Lundquist, Gail 97041 Prep Visit Site
MacGowan, Mark 97058 P.E. Visit Site

Trojan Basketball Site
Magden, JoAnne 37031 Mathematics Visit Site
Marsaw, Robin 47048 Science Visit Site
Martin, Melissa 37009 FACS Visit Site
Marsaw, Robin Chemistry Visit Site
McAndrew, Pat 37077 Special Ed Visit Site
Mccutcheon, Rick 97033 P.E. Visit Site
Mixdorf, JJ 97064 Band/Fine Arts
"0" Hour Jazz Ensemble
Visit Site
Moore, David 37057 SEI Visit Site (Softball)
Morrison, Rex 37055 Mathematics Visit Site
Murphy, Tamma 97028 TV Production/CTE Visit Site
Nadzieja, Patty 47007 FACS Visit Site
Nelson, Thomas 47052 Science Visit Site
Norris, Kevin 37030
Office: 97054
Agriscience/CTE Visit Site
Plummer, Randy 37012 Woods/CTE CTE Website
Poggemeyer, Tenli 47047 Science Visit Site
Raderstorf, Jeff 37086 English Visit Site
Resnick, Laura 37036 Mathematics Visit Site
Retzer, JoAnne 47080 Health Care/CTE Visit Site
Rice, Andrea 37076 English Visit Site
Ricken, Jeff 47004 Science Visit Site
Ringgenberg, Steven 37084 English Visit Site
Rink, Marlas 97089 Special Ed Visit Site
Rink, Piper 97027 Special Ed Visit Site
Rosenthal, Robyn 97038 Mathematics Visit Site
Sanders, Constance 97046 SPED Visit Site
Sandford (Henricks), Jodi 37045 Mathematics Visit Site
Teresa, Simone Special Ed/ English Site coming soon
Sitrick, Shirley 37054 Special Ed Site coming soon
Sitkiewicz, Scott 37064 Social Studies Visit Site
Smith, Dakota 37051 English/STUGO Visit Site
Spears, Taylor 37062 Social Studies Site coming soon
Steinbrook, Amy 37088 English Visit Site
Stiles, Carina 47002 Science Visit Site
Stiles, Jeff 47046 Science Visit Site
Strunk, Amber 47051 Science Visit Site
Sydow, Andrew 37039 Mathematics Visit Site
Tankosic, Lindsay 97072 FAC/
Visit Site
Taylor, Tina 37099 World Lang/CTE Mkting Visit Site
Thiele, Christine 37065 World History Visit Site
VanBuren, Tom 37083 English Visit Site
Vance, Derek 47049 Science Visit Site
Vivers, Bruce 47068 CREST Visit Site
Waldo, Adelene 37053 Learning Center Site coming soon
Weaver, Kevin 11/47093 Welding/CTE Visit Site
Weddleton, Wendy 47090 Special Ed Site coming soon
Wenger, Jarrod 47051 JAG Visit Site (JAG of AZ)
Whaley, Lesley 37042 Prep Visit Site
Whitehead, Leland 47045 Science Visit Site
Wilson, Wanda 37056 World Language Visit Site
Yantis, Donnie 97085 P.E. Visit Site
Young, Jennifer 37085 English Visit Site



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