Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader is a program for third through sixth grade students to increase the volume, quality and enjoyment of reading.  Alarming statistics point out that students in this age range are spending less and less time reading independently.  The Accelerated Reader program challenges all readers – from the novice to the most advanced bookworms – to read more quality literature at their own level.  Our library circulation has skyrocketed since the introduction of Accelerated Reader and we know that our children’s literacy and learning power has multiplied as a result. 

Liberty is proud to be an "Accelerated Reader School".  You are welcome to learn more about this program by contacting us at Liberty.
Program Goals
·  Create measurable growth in student reading ability
·  Help students become independent, self-directed readers and learners
·  Make reading fun and help students develop a lasting love of reading

How Accelerated Reader Works
Grade Levels: Accelerated Reader is introduced in third grade and becomes an integral part of the reading program through sixth grade. 

Testing for Reading Level: Students initial experience with the program is to take a “STAR Test”.  This test can be given once a quarter and is designed to identify a student’s range of independent reading.

Book Selection: The independent reading level indicated by the STAR Test is listed in grade level format and helps to guide a student’s choice of books.  The target is to find material that is not too easy or too frustrating.  Books in the Liberty Library will be labeled by AR reading level so that students can select books that qualify for the program.  Students and teachers can also refer to a master list of book titles sorted by reading level, author or title.

Reading Within the Range:  Students are expected to read within their range, however the teacher is the final judge and can make exceptions for reading outside of the student’s level.

Goal Setting and Grades: Teachers work with students individually to set an Accelerated Reader goal each quarter.  Goals are set in points that are earned when students read books and successfully pass quizzes.  The quizzes are designed to see that students have read and understood the books.  The degree to which a student meets or exceeds the Accelerated Reader goal is measured as a portion of a student’s total reading grade.

Quizzes:  Students take a quiz after each book is completed.  Liberty will have quizzes for thousands of books, most of which can be found in our library.  There are also many quizzes for books not yet in the Liberty library collection. 

Pacing: Students will need to pace their rate of reading throughout each quarter.  It can be stressful to try to reach a reading goal within the last week of the quarter.  Parents can help to monitor their child’s pace each quarter by asking to see their AR Log.  This will clearly show whether a child is “on track” at any given time in the quarter.

Questions and Answers

Where Can I Get a List of Books or Quizzes?
Accelerated Reader Quizzes will be available to view in the Liberty Library, or you can find them on the web.

What Good is it to Have a List of Quizzes?
A parent can use the list to help a child find books at the Liberty library or in the Public Library or even in your home collection.

What if a Parent or Child finds a Good Book, but Liberty Does Not Have the AR Quiz?
Liberty can easily purchase Accelerated Reader quizzes at a nominal cost.  Simply call school or have your child ask the Media Specialist whether the school can add the quiz for a book.  Liberty will be continually adding titles and is happy to do at a parent or student’s request.

What if My Child is Having Trouble Meeting His/Her AR Goal?

First, be sure your child is keeping a good pace throughout the quarter, and that he/she is reading at home.  Secondly, check with your child’s teacher.  Goals can be adjusted based on teacher’s discretion.  Third, if your child is having trouble passing the quizzes, you’ll also want to consult with your child’s teacher or the Media Specialist.  We can tutor your child in strategies to read for comprehension.

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