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 iTeachAZ : an exciting partnership with ASU to prepare future teachers

Here’s a unique opportunity to become a teacher in PV Schools. iTeachAZ, a partnership between PV Schools and ASU, is preparing future teachers right here in our district.

With iTeachAZ, you can

  • Finish your degree in 18 months!
  • Earn a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from ASU with a dual certification in Special Education.
  • Take courses and complete your internship all within the PV Schools.
  • Have full-time faculty members come to you!
  • Receive quality classroom experience in PV Schools.
  • Increase your chances of having a job waiting for you! The PV district will offer employment contracts to the most highly qualified graduates.

iTeachAZ is perfect for people who are re-careering, want to save on tuition of traditional programs, value one-on-one mentoring and want to complete their degree close to home in a district they respect.

PV Schools benefit

When PV Schools hires iTeachAZ graduates, it not only gains highly qualified new teachers, but ones who’ve already built key relationships in the schools, been trained in its curriculum and philosophy, and have more classroom experience than traditional graduates. But the district and its students benefit even before iTeachAZ students graduate. With ASU faculty, mentoring teachers, and iTeachAZ students all involved in classroom, students receive additional attention. The collaboration helps students succeed and contributes to the forward-thinking innovative teaching environment of PV Schools.

For more information visit: education.asu.edu/iteachaz.






Learn more about iTeachAZ

Visit: education.asu.edu/iteachaz





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