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animals 2x2

FOSS module arrowAnimals 2 x 2 module
Activities arrowFind the Parent
Photo Gallery arrowYoung and Adult Animals
arrowWorms, Isopods and Fish
Web Links arrowAll About Snails
arrowKiddy House
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

wood and paper

FOSS module arrowWood and Paper module
Activities arrowWhere is Wood?
Photo Gallery arrowTrees and wood
Web Links arrowOrigami studio
Audio / Video arrowAudio stories "Wood and Paper"
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

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First Grade:

Balance and motion
FOSS module arrowBalance and Motion
arrowRoller Coaster Builder
Photo Gallery arrowBalancing Toys
Web Links arrowAmusement Park Physics
How Rollercoasters Work
Getting Ready to Yo-yo
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)


Pebbles, Silt and Sand
FOSS module arrowPebbles, Sand and Silt
arrowFinding Earth Materials
Photo Gallery arrowA Rock Quarry
arrowRock Quarry Piles
Web Links arrowAsk a Geologist
arrowAssociation of American State
arrowCareer Profiles: Association of Women
arrowCareers In the Geosciences
arrowCareers in the Geosciences (2)
arrowHow a Sand and Gravel Quarry Works
arrowMusical Sand
arrowNatural Gemstones
arrowRock Around the World
arrowRock of Ages Granite Quarry, Vermont
arrowSand Castle Central
arrowU.S. Geological Survey
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

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Second Grade:

FOSS module arrowInsects module
Activities arrowInsect Hunt
Photo Gallery arrowInteresting Insects
Web Links arrowBug Identification
arrowUSDA's Insect Site for Kids
Audio / Video arrowMilkweed Bug Washing Up
Silk Moth Larvae Spinning
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate Master (PDF)

Air and Weather

FOSS module arrowAir and Weather
arrowWhat's the Weather?
Photo Gallery arrowWhat uses Air?

Web Links

arrowI know that: Science Lab
Types of Clouds
USA Today Weather
Teacher Resources   arrowDuplicate Master (PDF)

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Third Grade:

physics of sound

FOSS module arrowPhysics of Sound
arrowHow Far Away is It?
Photo Gallery

arrowChild’s Steel Pan from Grenada
arrowChilean Rain Stick
arrowMaracas from Cuba

Web Links

arrowChronology: Bell Labs
arrowHow Speakers Work
arrowI Know That: Science Lab
arrowThe Little Shop of
  Physics / Auditory Illusion
arrowScientific American / Ask
  The Experts Field Trips
arrowWhat Causes a Sonic Boom?
arrowWonderwise: Women in
  Science Learning Series
Teacher Resources   arrowDuplicate Master (PDF)
arrowOutdoor Activities (PDF)

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Fourth Grade:

Mgnetism and Electricity

FOSS module arrowMagnetism and Electricity
arrowKitchen Magnets
Photo Gallery arrowDissection of a Telephone
arrowElectricity from a Windmill
Audio / Video arrowHow a Lightbulb Works
arrowZoom in on an Integrated Circuit
Web Links arrowAC/DC: What's the Difference?
arrowHow Does Electricity Get to
My House?
Teacher Resources arrowProfessional Development
arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

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Fifth Grade:

Mixtures and Solutions

FOSS module arrowMixtures and Solutions
arrowJunkyard Analysis
Photo Gallery arrowChemist Ellen Lew
arrowMobile Chemical Lab
Audio / Video arrowMaterials Testing at NASA
arrowPhysical versus Chemical Change
arrowAudio Stories: Mixtures and Solutions
Web Links
arrowHow Fire Works
arrowI Know That: Science Lab
arrowI Was Wondering: Women's
   Adventures in Science
arrowInteractive Periodic Table
arrowThe Periodic Table Comic Books
arrowScientific American/Ask The Experts Field Trips
arrowWonderwise: Women in Science
   Learning Series
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

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FOSS module arrowVariables
Photo Gallery arrowAn Ancient Catapult
arrowBuilding a Plane
arrowMail Plane in Winter
arrowWWII Poster
Audio / Video arrowSound Experiments from NASA
Web Links arrowAmusement Park Physics
arrowCannon Investigation
arrowCotton Ball Catapult
arrowFranklin's Kite
arrowHow Airplanes Work
arrowHow Does a Catapult Work?
arrowHow Gliders Work
arrowI Was Wondering: Women's Adventures
   in Science
arrowScientific American / Ask The Experts
arrowTo Fly Is Everything! Field Trips
arrowWhat's Inside a Computer?
arrowWonderwise: Women in Science
   Learning Series
Teacher Resources arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

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Sixth Grade

Weather and Water

FOSS Module arrowWeather and Water

Web Links

arrowAfrican Americans In Science
arrowAsk Doctor Global Change
arrowThe Atoms Family – Miami Museum
  of Science
arrowBad Meteorology
arrowThe Cloud Appreciation Society
arrowEarth from Space/Water Habitats
arrowGlobal Warming Kids Site
arrowThe Globe Program
arrowHistorical GOES Browser
arrowHow NASA Studies Air
arrowHow NASA Studies Water
arrowHow to StarWatch
arrowI Know That: Science Lab
arrowI Was Wondering: Women's
  Adventures in Science
arrowInteractive Atmospheric Simulator
arrowMount Washington Observatory/Weather
arrowNational Oceanic and Atmospheric
arrowNational Severe Storms Laboratory
  Photo Album
arrowNational Weather Service Homepage
arrowNational Weather Service: Lightning Safety
arrowNOAA Paleoclimatology Program
arrowNOAA's Photo Library
arrowNOVA Online: Storm Chasers
arrowReady Observed Sounding Data
arrowScientific American/Ask The Experts
arrowSolar Eclipse Page
arrowStates of Matter
arrowTypes of Clouds
arrowUSA Today Weather
arrowThe Water Cycle
arrowWater Science for Schools
arrowWaterwork: Careers in Hydrology
arrowThe Weather Channel
arrowWeather for Kids
arrowWeather Underground
arrowWind Energy Fact Sheets

Course Overview arrowWeather and Water course (PDF)
Teacher Resources

arrowDuplicate master (PDF)

arrowOnline: See Teacher Resources,
    left side of page



SEPUP Units arrowMy Body and Me
Teacher Resources

arrowTeacher Guide Resource Information

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Additional Arizona science resources and programs:


Arizona Department of Education – Science Standards

Arizona Department of Education – Science Resource Page

The Adventures of Herman the Worm

Using Science Notebooks

Arizona Foundation for Resource Education

Arizona Game and Fish – Environmental Education (Wild Arizona)

Arizona Geological Survey

Arizona Project Learning Tree

Arizona Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program

Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum

Arizona Rock Products Association

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Olympiad

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona Space Grant Consortium

Arizona State Parks

Audubon Arizona

Biosphere 2

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Center for Insect Science Education Outreach

Challenger Space Center

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant

Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium

Grand Canyon National Park – Environmental Education

Gray Hawk Nature Center

Lowell Observatory

The Manduca Project

The Phoenix Zoo

SAMEC Science and Mathematics Education Center

SRP Educational Resources


University of Arizona Biotech Project

For Parents

Science Education Checklist
“What Should I Look for in the Science Program in My Child's School?”



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