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The Digital Learning Center  Application Process

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The increased popularity of the PV Schools Digital Learning Center (DLC) has created the need to revise the application process.  Our goal in establishing a new set of application procedures is to ensure that students admitted into the DLC are those who would benefit most from the placement.  PV Schools offers an array of gifted education services for the various needs of gifted students.  Our intent is to help parents select the most academically appropriate program for their children.

Digital Learning Center Program Updates

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The new application will take effect on March 22, 2011.  Applications received by the Gifted Ed. Department on or before March 21, 2011 have been accepted and date stamped. Those applying after March 21st  will use the new forms and process.

Application Process

Beginning March 22, 2011, admittance into the Digital Learning Center will no longer be approved on a first-come basis.  A four-member review team from each school will evaluate applications. Review team members will include:  the director of Gifted Education, the building principal, and the two DLC teachers.

Applications will be evaluated using a ‘blind’ review process; no student names will be considered.  The Gifted Ed. Department administrative assistant will code applications using numbers to eliminate possible bias.  Applications will be evaluated using rubrics created for the different components of the application (test scores, teacher recommendation, etc.).

We will schedule monthly application reviews for any open spots when there is space available in either DLC class for the current/upcoming school year.

After school starts in the fall, registration for the next school year will open on a specified date in early fall  (i.e., in September XX, 2011 we will begin accepting applications for school year 2012-13).

Application review for the next school year will occur early November.  A second application review date will be scheduled for early February (for the grade levels that were not filled in the November review).

As of school year 2011-12, the Gifted Ed. Department will no longer “roll-over” names on the waiting list from one year to the next.  A wait list for each school year will be limited to three names per class, in the event that vacancies occur during the school year.  The wait list will be expunged on May 1st of each school year. Those currently on the waiting list will remain on the waiting list until May 2012.

At the end of each school year, students in the program will automatically move to the next grade.  Students not already participating in the program must complete a new application each school year. 

Test Records

Placement preference will be given to qualifying scores coming from one test administration.  Qualifying scores may come from a maximum of two test administrations. 

Teacher Recommendation Form

The Teacher Recommendation Form must be submitted by the student’s current, or most recent, teacher.  The recommending teacher must send the form directly to the Gifted Education Department.  Teacher Recommendation Forms submitted by the parent are considered void.

Student contract and probationary period

Beginning in the 2011-12 school year, the first year placement for all students in the Digital Learning Center is considered a probationary period.*  Upon entering the program, students will sign a contract agreeing to specific criteria including:  academic achievement, conduct, and work habits.  (Please see the application for more details.) Specifics describing benchmarks and possible interventions will be described on the contract.  (Implementing use of contracts helps assure parents that their children will be provided an environment most conducive to learning.)

Prior to making the recommendation to exit a student from the program, two meetings between parents, teacher, and principal (if needed) will be held.  Steps will be outlined defining responsibilities of the student and the teacher at each meeting.  Teachers will maintain dated records of parent communication for any student under consideration for withdrawal from the program.  (An alternative placement in another PVUSD gifted program will be recommended.)

*To ensure fairness to students entering the program in 2011-12, the one-year probationary status contract applies to all current students in the program.


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