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 Increasing font size of text in PV Schools website

If you are on a Mac:

Hit the "Command" (apple) and the "+" keys to make the text font size appear larger in your browser.

If you are on a PC using Internet Explorer 7:

Method 1: Press Ctrl and + at the same time to enlarge text or Ctrl and - (minus) to make it shrink text. (You can do either of these multiple times) Ctrl and 0 (zero) returns you to the size the page was designed to be.

Method 2: While pointing at the Web page, hold the Ctrl button while you roll the mouse wheel forward (away from yourself) for larger text or backward (towards yourself) for smaller text).
NOTE: With either of the methods above, the larger or smaller text & grqphics size stays with you as you click on links and navigate to other pages, but it does not effect other Tabs. If you exit out of Internet Explorer and come back, pages will be shown at their normal sizes.

Method 3: Go to the menu and choose Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility. Click to put a check in front of ignore font sizes specified on webpages. The you can click on the menu View > Text Size, and choose the size you want such as Larger or Smaller as you wish. (The dot next to the choices indicates which choice you are currently using). If you use this approach, it will effect all websites you visit indefinitley. You would need to go back to Tools > Internet Options > Accessbility to take the check mark off to return to a normal view.

If you are on a PC using Firefox 1.5 or 2:

Hold Ctrl key while you roll the mouse wheel, toward you to make text bigger, or roll it away from you to make text smaller. The new text size will stay with you as you go to other links, other websites. It will not effect text size on other Tabs. But when you exit Firefox, it forgets those new sizes. Next time you bring up the Firefox browser, all Webpages will appear with the text size they were originally given by the web designer.

Or you can click on the menu View > Text Size > Increase one or more times to make text bigger. View >Text Size > Decrease makes text smaller and smaller each time you use it.

Or use hold Ctrl key while pressing the + key. Each time you press Ctrl + text size will get bigger. Hold Ctrl while you type the minus - to make text smaller. You can pres Ctrl and 0 (zero) to return text to normal size.

Another idea: changing the resolution of your screen:

If you want everything (text & graphics) bigger (or smaller) in ALL of your programs, not just text on the Internet, then you might want to change your Screen Resolution. On a PC, Right-click your desktop and choose Properties. Go to the Settings Tab. Under Screen resolution, drag the slider to the left (toward less) to make everthing bigger on your screen.

On a Mac, go under the "apple" menu at the top left > System Preferences > Displays and choose a small number for resolution.

NOTE: By following the above instructions, settings on your computer will be changed. These settings may or may not return to a default state when the computer is rebooted. Use caution when making changes to your computer.





























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