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  Online school meal payments: ezSchoolPay.com


EZSchoolPay.com is a secure service that allows PV Schools parents to conveniently manage their child’s school meal account online. Parents can register using their e-mail address, a password, school name or ZIP code, a major credit card and their child’s student ID number (if your child does not know his/her ID number, contact the PV Schools Nutrition and Wellness department at 602-449-2274). Parents can check the balance or add funds to the online meal account at any time. Each student listed in the family's account will keep a separate balance, and checks and cash will continue to be accepted in all school cafeterias for meal accounts.

EZSchoolPay.com charges a small service fee (two dollars), which is automatically added to the payment amount, not subtracted from it.

Please allow at least 15 minutes for funds to be credited to the student’s account once it has been applied.

Student accounts are accessed in the school cafeteria using the student's ID number. At the end of the school year, any remaining money stays in the account allowing student to access it the following year, even if they will attend a different PV Schools school.



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